The Devil is in the details, and in order to meet all your objectives, Magellan Risk helps teams and organizations by developing strategic plans and initiatives to achieve the best negotiation outcomes. Sessions can be one-time in preparation for an upcoming negotiation, or ongoing throughout the negotiation process.

Magellan will help you prepare for your next contract negotiation or provide support, ideas, and practice as you negotiate critical agreements. We can help you gain the best possible return on each negotiation, improve critical business relationships, and ensure long-term results.

Our Negotiation Consulting Services for teams, departments, and organizations include:

  • Preparation for and facilitation of internal negotiations such as contract negotiations and realignment strategies
  • Development of sales and account management strategies
  • Preparation for and facilitation of external negotiations with suppliers, customers, partners, licensing agreements, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Mediation of complex negotiation disputes